Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stupidity on the part of the Federal Government in a post 9-11 World.

A number of my colleges have posted about the State of the Union speach. I'm not going to give a long synapsis on my thoughts about the speech. Most of my colleages have done a good if not better job than I could.

As I am usually ambigious about my stance on President Bush on this blog, but I will clarify the following. Those whom know me, know full well I voted for Bush in both elections. The first time because he was the best option. The second time because I beleive that his first term proved he was capable of not only doing the job, but doing the job well. He's not going to accomplish everything he sets out to do. No president ever will. But the fact that he's trying on many a hard topic should convince anyone and everyone in the United States to give him some credit for that. I don't always agree with him, or how he goes about things. And I agree with some leftist friends of mine that he's no great "Face" publically. But unlike them I don't think that how you look or carry yourself in front of the media is all that important. I care more that I know he's honestly trying.

Well enough about that, and on with my real beef regarding the State of the union speech, and I will make that equally breif.

How intelligent is it to have all 3 branches of the Federal Government in the same room, at the same time? *chuckles* Yeah, that's smart. Prehaps I've been playing a bit too much Shadowrun™, or prehaps it's a throwback to my evil days to think like the enemy. And while I am very glad no one actually succeeded in using this- uh.... opertunity- (drek... no, that's not a good way of labeling it, but I can't think of another that would fit.) to attack us. I thank God that he is providing for and watching over the events in this human cursed orb. And I thank Him that nothing happened.

To the few politicians that may ever check this, please please please. Do not be this foolish ever again. We do not need both Houses of Congress, The President, The Vise President, The President's entire Cabinet, as well as the entire Supreme Court in the same room at the same time ever!.. EVER!!!

There, I've said my peace.