Sunday, December 25, 2005

Personal truths for today.

I normally do not post the results of any of the quizes I take, but I think this one hit the nail on the head:

ColorQuiz.comDrix took the free personality test!

"Seeks the determination and elasticity of will nec..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

No shining diamond, but I NEED and artistic outlet. Badly! I feel like my talents are dying here. For now I have to fill the role of sole provider, but honestly, It's getting old. I need more time to clear my head, more time to spend with The Lord, and less stress from work. Feels like I'm burning the candle at both ends. Always so much to do.

Goahed's wanting me to re-do his logo in 3D. No real creativity, but I guess it'll do for now. Needing some downtime. Needing to stop the 4 hours nights of rest. Lately I'm always mad, I rarely feel like I;ve accomplished anything, which, more and more makes me want to just walk away from most of the things in my Life.

I love God, Annette, and my family. And that's as solid as I can be right now. After the Christmas stuffs tomorrow I'm sleeping through Monday. Period. And prehaps that will be a good first step toward making my life better. I ask what brethren I have to please please please keep me in their prayers. I just feel like I am wasting away. But then my perspective is limited.

Sorry for a down Note on Christmas. And I really do wish you all a Merry one. Meantime. Enjoy the Ham and other goodness tomorrow.

Best Wishes and 013.


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