Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Next p erson wh o tex t messages me...

...and then hangs up on me when I return your call is getting sp@med. You have been warned. I don't like being charged for them, and I'm sure you, >>Number omitted to protect the guilty<<, don't either. But the next time I get one from you, and you're rude to me when I try to inform you that you missent. You're getting waylayed. I have VB scripts, and free anonymous send access. Please, do not tempt to use my h4x0r sk111z, as you don't need the bill, and I honestly don't want to be provoked into wasting the time.

So far I've received 5 from you in the last hour. I don't know you. And frankly, I'm sick of it. Heed this warning, or be prepared for a multi hundred dollar Phone IM bill.

Thanks for the rudeness. And I sincerly hope your day gets better.

The above was a text message I sent earlier, after much frustration of this afternoon. Not exactly one of my shining moments, I'll give you. Let me give you the background. I'm at work. waiting on a call from a business associate on my cell as I keep having to move from building to building this afternoon... and the blasted thing just keeps going off. I'd have turned it off if I wasn't needing the use of my phone.

But as a matter of confessing my sins, I feel this was at least a sin against a fellow being. I treatened to use God granted talent in a way would have brought destruction. I ask you, my brethren to forgive me for it, and bare with me as I try to act against my natural villian tendancies.

Best wishes and 013


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