Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oklahoma Baptist University = Injustice of the week.

EMPLOYER: Oklahoma Baptist University aka OBU,
FURTHER INFO LINK: Oklahoma Baptist University

Goodness knows I share some simpathy for Zach's plight. And while the "Further Info Link" goes over a good number of my problems with this situation being mentioned by others, I will quickly, and without extreme detail go over them.

1: Zach had a concern about a chruch in the area moving out to a high income area... to quote Zach:
"If the world crises are too distant, the Shawnee crises are perhaps closer to home. Perhaps Immanuel Baptist Church wants to escape such day-in, day-out challenges that a landlocked old building with its conspicuous neighbors might bring. Perhaps piling millions of dollars in a location where the population is majority white and the neighborhoods are new and fresh will provide a better ministry base. Perhaps."

A paragraphs or so later he continues:
"My concern is what Immanuel is suggesting with building on the edges of white neighborhoods and leaving a hole in a community that is far from being reached. See, evangelism is a small part of what Jesus talks about in the Bible. I know that Immanuel members might have the tendency to say, or at least to think, "Well, that neighborhood had an opportunity. There is no reason we should stay since we have this great piece of land -- at a great deal albeit -- and, well, God is leading us." Or "We've just simply outgrown our facility. We just have to move and God must be leading that direction or we wouldn't have so many people in service.""

Now as some of you know, I already have a problems with assemblies of the church that do as Zach describes. Myself, I suggest you read Zach's entry in completely, as my quotes don't have full context.

2: Zach's former boss, the president of OBU, attends this church. Zach was /FORCED TO RESIGN/ based on his statements about a church not directly affilited to his employer. Though, as has been said a good number of people from OBU may, and likely do attend the assembly he spoke about. Thing is, Zach wasn't critisizing his employer. And nearest I can tell his arguement was valid. So what is the justification for the termination of his employment?

3: Even if Zach was criticising his employeer, since when does disagreement justify, dissolve of contract? Maybe there was something inculded in the his employment contract concerning criticising OBU... but I doubt there is one single clause for this case. Even so, I personally think dissent of this nature should make people think. Rather we see the

4: Even so, it's further proof of Adult Children controlling churchs and their connected institutions. I have no doubt that the words in Zach's editorial were viewed as a personal attack by the university's president, when this is far from what the reality was. I'm sick of seeing these instances... Personally, and through others.

I think that about sums it up... if not, I'll edit later. either way heading home from work, and hopefully to church this morning.

Best Wishes, Happy Easter and 013


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