Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oklahoma Baptist University = Injustice of the week.

EMPLOYER: Oklahoma Baptist University aka OBU,
FURTHER INFO LINK: Oklahoma Baptist University

Goodness knows I share some simpathy for Zach's plight. And while the "Further Info Link" goes over a good number of my problems with this situation being mentioned by others, I will quickly, and without extreme detail go over them.

1: Zach had a concern about a chruch in the area moving out to a high income area... to quote Zach:
"If the world crises are too distant, the Shawnee crises are perhaps closer to home. Perhaps Immanuel Baptist Church wants to escape such day-in, day-out challenges that a landlocked old building with its conspicuous neighbors might bring. Perhaps piling millions of dollars in a location where the population is majority white and the neighborhoods are new and fresh will provide a better ministry base. Perhaps."

A paragraphs or so later he continues:
"My concern is what Immanuel is suggesting with building on the edges of white neighborhoods and leaving a hole in a community that is far from being reached. See, evangelism is a small part of what Jesus talks about in the Bible. I know that Immanuel members might have the tendency to say, or at least to think, "Well, that neighborhood had an opportunity. There is no reason we should stay since we have this great piece of land -- at a great deal albeit -- and, well, God is leading us." Or "We've just simply outgrown our facility. We just have to move and God must be leading that direction or we wouldn't have so many people in service.""

Now as some of you know, I already have a problems with assemblies of the church that do as Zach describes. Myself, I suggest you read Zach's entry in completely, as my quotes don't have full context.

2: Zach's former boss, the president of OBU, attends this church. Zach was /FORCED TO RESIGN/ based on his statements about a church not directly affilited to his employer. Though, as has been said a good number of people from OBU may, and likely do attend the assembly he spoke about. Thing is, Zach wasn't critisizing his employer. And nearest I can tell his arguement was valid. So what is the justification for the termination of his employment?

3: Even if Zach was criticising his employeer, since when does disagreement justify, dissolve of contract? Maybe there was something inculded in the his employment contract concerning criticising OBU... but I doubt there is one single clause for this case. Even so, I personally think dissent of this nature should make people think. Rather we see the

4: Even so, it's further proof of Adult Children controlling churchs and their connected institutions. I have no doubt that the words in Zach's editorial were viewed as a personal attack by the university's president, when this is far from what the reality was. I'm sick of seeing these instances... Personally, and through others.

I think that about sums it up... if not, I'll edit later. either way heading home from work, and hopefully to church this morning.

Best Wishes, Happy Easter and 013

Thursday, March 10, 2005


The follow is filed under "No Mind, Further proof that the world has..."

Forgive me if I find this amusing. And this saddening. When I see event so fthis nature progress as this one has I move from laughter often to sadness. And I don't know which is more sad. The fact that people are offended by this candy's exsistence, or the fact that someone bothered to make a stink about it.

I'd like to think that often my thoughts contradict the madness I see around me. And it is in this spirit that I purchased a bag of them, if for no other reason that to see for myself how horribly they depict said cruelty to animals.

Now, I know, I know. This posting is a good bit late considering the release date of the story. But after seeing the candies myself, I was reminded of seeing this amoung my news browsing last month. Further, it's been about a month since I went anywhere near the candy section of a convience store, much less in the grocery store. I'd like to think I was trying to lose some weight, and watch what I've been eating, but afterseeing this in passing in one of my employeer's locations, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to at least give the controversail product a first-hand look.

Cartoon-style characters grace the front of the packaging. Not unlike Looney Toons.

In many different colors and shapes, insuring that though they bear likeness to actual animals, they can be readily distinguised from the real thing.

Who doesn't love a bright red flaming snake with tire treds on it?

Hey Meatwad! It's Squirrely!!

It's a gummy product. Not much worse, at least in my opinion, than biting the head off of a gummy bear. I can see the point the New Jersy Animal protectorate is making, but... Since when can kids drive? And if you're letting them run over the cat or dog with their powerwheels, and not at least saying/doing something about it... Well, then you're a bad parent anyway, no?!.

I can say that I find it a good thing that Kraft stopped making these foods at a point before this "society" started investing time and resources into getting them to stop. My problem is the utter waste of energy and resources even threatened on something so trite.

I'm bothered that this trend that seems common in our society. The trend of pushing our opinions on others. By lobbying to change or put in place laws, by mass protest, etc. Don't get me wrong, taking action in the form of Lobbying, Protesting and the like are fine... if the cause is worth that. I personally put a higher value on human life than I do anything else world related. I'm not seeing enough action taken to head of AIDS in Africa, invested in Tsunami Relief, Pro-Adoption rallies, or even solutions to Homelessness. I just think taking action against Kraft foods over something like this is a silly/sad waste of time and effort.

In an effort to make something out of the wasted effort I see on the part of this minor news item, we're planning on selling out a couple of my employers stores and selling the candy online for around $2 a bag. The idea being we're going to donate the proceeds to something worthwhile. Not sure which cause yet. Personally I'd prefer it to be to something with local impact (prehaps City Rescue Mission, that seems like a worthy enough local cause if some oen can't name one better). But if not, then we'll send it on out. I'd seriously appreciate some comments and suggestions on what to focus these funds into. We'll hit everyone with a link once Nette and I get more organized on the subject.

Best Wishes and 013

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A full posting this evening

I mean it. found something that I can write on that isn't going to invbolve me spending 4 hours editing time. And something we're contemplating putting on Ebay just to enrage the "cruelty to animil"-fanati-facists.

Images included.
stay tooned. 013