Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I can't complain (quick excerpt)

"Up ahead I see the land; His promise.
Ain't it grand?
But I keep getting stuck down here (here).
Oh no...here goes......

Will the spark light up the sky?
Or will these waters run a dry?
Feel the curse that calls me man!
It's in my blood it's in the land!

I can't complain and all my bills have been paid.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful...
And, I can't complain and all my bills have been paid!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful!
I can't complain and all my bills have been paid!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful! (continues at same level as the following)

Will the spark light up the sky?
Or will these waters run a dry?
Feel the curse that calls me man!
It's in my blood it's in the land!

.my future is indestructible"
Plankeye - I can't complain. I don't have the copywrite data, sorry.

This is how I feel this evening. I can't help it. I'm no longer a pesimist, guys. For those whom haven't actually gotten to know me since high school, I just ask you to keep an open mind when you see/speak to me again. Tonight these lyrics have been my praise as they have so many other nights. If they aren't yours I pray that one day they will be.

Best Wishes and 013!

....I can't complain, and all my bills have been paid. Thank you so much for all the wonderful!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Best of 4, cause you pessimistic bastards are pissing me off. >:)

Personal favorites... oh yes... Not all of this came out this year. But I discovered it this year... SO FOO AWN U! ;)

Fiction Book I enjoyed reading most this year....
Shadowrun 25002: Shadows of Europe
I don't want to hear one word. This is a game sourcebook. It's a game I play. Shadowrun. And every single book I've read that is related to this game has been a good read. By far, Bug City was the best ever, but I read it 2 years ago.
I'm a storyteller. These books just lace my head with ideas to throw at the willing participants in the Shadowrun games I've GMed. If you haven't been in one, just as David or Damon about fire extinguishers (if I spelled it wrong, oh well).

Favorite personal purchase of 4...
1 Hardened Steel Katana.
And I've been trying to teach myself Kendo ever since. Sadly, with my new job (detailed in a later segment of this posting), It's most of the excersise I get. (Stupid Desk JOB! *sarcastic tone*) Still, I need to do something to keep myself from getting fatter. This seems like a good way to go about it.

New Hobby of 4...
LAN Parties.
I once contemplated the goodness of the concept in OKmulgee where there was little else to do than game to entertain one's self. As Okmulgee is what Purcell will be like in 20 years (if things keep going how they are).
Every month I was in a room full of cables, computers, and people all over the room laughing one minute and yelling "Fuck!" or "Shit!" 3 seconds later. Which has also driven me to invest in a new computer (project in the works), as my 2 year old laptop just is not graphically performing to the level I need it to. Which Brings me to the next entry...

Favorite Game of 4...
Unreal Tournament 2004 (from here on known as UT2K4)
The only FPS I ever really enjoyed before this one was Tribes. Tribes was great, and was good at it. UT2K4 I suck at... but I have fun none the less. Still, I have it on the absolutel lowest possible graphic settings and I'm still losing frames. My keyboard only accepts key entries from 2 keys at a time, and often the game has serious issues when more than 3 people are in the room (darn I need to hurry up with building my new machine).

Favorite Newly Discovered Food of 4...
Weird Japanese Candy... sort of. Odd flavors like chocolate orange, bananna lime, etc. This is prehaps the most surprising find this year. And while it's not the best food I've had this year. The best is certainly something I've had a variant of before.

Favorite Comic of 4...
Still... Eddie Izzard
Chapelle, you made some of the best comic efforts, but still no one comic has induced an asthma attack better this year than Izzard did. Sorry.

Favorite Comic Effort of 4...
White Power!!!
Here's where you get your credit David. This was just great. And while I know it wasn;t compiled or shown first this year... I don;t really watch TV. I have cable internet, but not Cable. So I'm not as up to date on your show. If you haven't seen this, though you likely have, SEE IT!

Favorite Talk Radio Host of 4...
Glenn Beck
Glenn is on from 9am to noon eastern time on the weekdays. I am at work at 9 tuesday through friday, and so I only really am able to catch his show on Monday, or when I'm running late (blasted KTOK playing it an hour behind when it actually plays, oh well, at least they play it) Either way it's a treat everytime I listen in. But then... Far as politics and government are concerned, I am a conservative. Those whom lean more left will likely hate this man's show... More than you hate Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.
Glenn is as insightful as Sean, but he dares to do it in the same manner I would like to... by being in your face about it, quick witted, and down right offensive... in a good way. But then, Glenn doesn't hesitate to make it very very clear when he finds a thought process flawwed. Much the same way I do.
This may be on the 5 list next year, but I'd like to point out that his sight is hosting a tribute to the troops right now that actually brought me to tears, http://www.glennbeck.com/tribute.htm

On a pertinant tangent>>> Thank you, Mr. Eubank, for making me realize that oppression and frustrating the efforts of others has it's place for good in this world. Certain things should be discouraged, even advocated against... but at the same time one doesn't have to place judgement on others to put these efforts forth effectively. Again, Thank you.

Favorite Movie of 4...
The Returner
A Japanese action film. Premise was a bit cliche', but the characters were absolutly unforgettable. I recommend seeing it to any of you cyberpunk/near future film buffs out there. And listen to it in Japanese with Subtitles. Dubbs 90% of the time are butt aweful, and this films dubbing is no exception. The Japanese, however is very well acted. Bravo.

Anyway... I'd go on, and I may later, but I have lunch with my family today... black eyed peas... Yum. And if you don't like it, I'm sorry.

In any case, Best wishes and 013.