Saturday, December 04, 2004

Maybe not a turn for the worse, but it feels like it.

I know this crap is just running it's course, but there was no way on earth I was going to make it out of the house today, and I've not been able to spend much time out of bed.

I thank those of you who have for your prayers, and hope that others will as well.

The thing about living with asthma as long as I have is that I have learned to deal with a lot of misery. Not pain so much... Sure, it hurts every sinus in my head as well as my lungs every time I cough when I am sick like this. But I'm talking about the sudden rushes to the bathroom to hock up a liter or so of liquid.

Prehaps I'm exagerating a bit, but I know I've only had to use the restroom twice today and downed more than 2 gallons fo water. And oh do I whine when I am like this. It shames me. Good thing I stay at home and in doors, eh?

I'll stop with the gorry details. No one needs to hear that.

But in closing I would just like to add that those of you without asthma take breathing for granted. Still, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone for anything.

Hopefully I'll be at more than 50% my norm by Wednesday.
Best wishes my brethren, and those not.


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