Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So... You're Moving to Canada?

*laughter* I found myself chuckling at the many many times today I have heard the repaeted idea that is expressed in the title of this entry.

Not sure why all the hubub. As I've said elsewhere I wasn't too surprised. As for hthe issues of the state I sometimes refer to as home (Oklahoma) let me give you a breakdown. Every state question passed. Every one. Lottery, Lottery part Duex, Ban Same-Sex marriage, Cigarette tax, Indian Gambling Compact/Hourse raceing venues become full blown casinos...Bah. And I admit, I voted. Drove all the way to Purcell to do so. Didn't get registered in time since I moved to Norman, and a Vote is a vote.

A quick rundown of my votes on these matters, because I have no problem sharing them: Lottery=N, Lottery 2:The revenge=N, Lottery 3:Now he's pissed(Indian Gambling/Races Compact thingy, in truth, as I am poking fun)=y, Cigarette Tax=N(I might explain why I voted this way in a post tomorrow), Ban Same Sex Marriage=Y

The Lottery... well, honestly I just thought it kinda pointless, and not worth doing. I hope I will be proven wrong in the years to come. The Indian Gaming compact I beleive I may have expressed my views on a previous post... if not, expect some comment of my own to follow this posting.

Ban Gay Marriage... Many have called me a bigot over my stance on this one. And honestly, I don't appreciate the label. I haven't, since my conviction (based in James 3), ever intentionally labeled another individual made in God's image with such things. No I grant you I didn;t alwasy see it that way. But I recall the idiom "Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin" and cannot openly be accepting of such a thing. I will accept you. I will not accept the government giving the same benefits that it does to a truely Wed couple, in the biblical sense. The benefits are there for the sake of making the raising of children easier on those taking on the burden to properly do so.

Now I will point out that short of cloning, there is no way that is going to happen between a same sex couple. They cannot conceive of each other. And so, by nature this is an impossibility. I'm not going to type out or copy and paste in Romans 1 or Leviticus to make the case. My point is this. I have a role in my govenrment. I am a member of it. And I will vote as my own standards lead me to. I cannot openly support it. And so I voted how I voted. As for your life, I still wish you the best, but I would like someone to try to prove the above wrong. Find me a way, in nature, for a same sex couple to conceive of their own genetic material, a child, and the only thing I'll have left is Romans 1 and Leviticus to prove it by. Though I think the logic is pretty sound.

If I am a bigot because I am logically sound than prehaps this world should see it's end in short order. Me, I'd rather show you the love shown me. I can do this one by one. I cannot legislate this, for then I would be no better than the Spanish conquerors of old, forcing others into that which should be choosen of their own free will. I would rather convince you, if you will listen.

Still, I rejoice. I rejoice not because of this election. The election is just another of many things that will happen, and will pass. I assure you, Much more is to come. Sufferings and Pain... But also Joy and Blessings.

In any case, Best Wishes and 013


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just caught your blog because you visited ours first (McCarty Musings). I noticed that you were in Purcell at one time. I am originally from Lexington. Do we know each other? Email me sometime and let me know: By the way, my name is Micah McCarty

November 3, 2004 at 8:32 PM  
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