Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Pho-toe-grafik Evidense awv teh 'Pocolypse.

Congrajilations, Erth. Ben nice knowin' ya.

Who would have thought Starcraft would be a prophetic work, eh?

If you thought he was scarry when he was drinking... You'll really be shaking when he's brandishing the classic red lightsaber of the Sith.

Fearing the fuzz and hard times resulting from Oklahoma Pseudoephedrine Legislation, Billy Bob stashes his product in nondescript- oops.

After losing his job, the programmer of this road sign was sentanced to 3 consecutive 30 year sentances and a 2 billion dollars in fines by the state.

Above is the only known picture of Smoky. Smoky has been credited with the injury or death of 3 persons, 206 dogs, 2 of his fellow felines, 12 mice, and 1 monkey. In recent months Smoky, a known member of Al Qaeda, has moved from being 1226 on the FBI's most wanted list to 226.

Who'd have thunk it, after a recount of Ohio, CNN is pleased to announce President Elect "Optimus"

The above was not news, all photographs are not my work, and were taken from varrious sources (I'd give credit if I recalled where I sampled all of them from). I honestly enjoyed seeing every one of these works, and applaud the artists on their efforts. You have brightened my day. Works were used without permission. If anyone wishes their work to be removed from this blog, please feel free to email me at and I wil promptly remove it from this posting. Thank You.


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