Wednesday, November 24, 2004

New Births, Flipping a lady off, and probably the worst night I've had in some time.

To set the scene, let me say this. We were on the way to See Barrett and Ashley's new child. We were late, and I just wanted the lady to go away. And yes, I jokingly said it. The following excerpt came from Net's livejournal (

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big entry.
I haven't written anything decent in here for a while, so here we go. (if I don't get too distracted.)

the weather finally cleared up's been rainy, dark, and miserable for almost two weeks. that kinda thing really gets me down. for someone that supposedly hates the sun so much, I tend to miss it when it's blocked out by clouds for extended periods of time.'s really the heat I hate, not the light. a cool clear day like this one is the kind of thing I like. I get some nice sunlight without the scorching heat.

I never really thought of it this way before (yes, I'm slow...), but it's sort of like...even when it's all dark and cloudy and rainy, the sun is still up there in the sky. it's easy to forget that temporarily. it's kinda the same way with God. even when life sucks and everything seems so bleak, He's still above everything. He's still there waiting. which is also very easy to forget.


okay, Barrett's first baby girl was born yesterday morning. so yesterday evening Brad, his sister Taylor, her boyfriend Tyson and I all went up to Baptist Medical to visit Barrett, Ashley, and little Addison. but before we left Norman we had to go to Eckerd (which is now CVS...vatever) to get Brad's prescriptions.

since Brad got into a little wreck last week, we're driving his mom's Mercedes SUV thingy. we're pulling into a parking spot, and Taylor says "why don't you just go through the drive-thru since it's faster?" so Brad's backing out, but there's this guy walking behind the car so he hesitates. since we were all trying to watch out for the random walking guy, we didn't see this woman come into the parking lot going like 40mph. she tried to pull into the space next to us as Brad was backing out, and since we didn't see her coming Brad slammed the brakes to keep from hitting her, and she jumped the curb something fierce. like, two of her wheels were up on the curb next to the parking spot.

thankfully we didn't hit her, but we were all freaked out since she came out of NOWHERE. so Brad jokingly says "I should flip her off..." then Taylor's like "I'll do it!" and...she did. rolled down the window and everything. Brad was like "O.O afasdf" and Tyson and I were kinda like ".....oh well." but the look on this lady's face was the scariest thing I have ever seen. like, I think a small part of me died when I saw it. >_>;

so, thinking it was over, we pulled around to the drive-thru thing and got in line. a minute later I glance into the mirror on my side and I see this pair of headlights approaching fast. I thought "ahh, fuck."

sure enough, it was this lady. we're all like "what the hell?!" she stopped next to us. as soon as I saw her stop I turned away to look at Brad so I wouldn't have to look at her. she got out of the car, came over to MY WINDOW and banged on it so hard I thought it was going to shatter. of course Brad didn't roll it down, but she started screaming. she started going off about how we were horrible people for flipping her off with her five and six year olds in the car, and how was she supposed to explain to them what it meant, and yelling at Brad that he should keep his kid under control. hahaha, she thought Taylor was his kid (I guess it was too dark for her to see in the car...) and he was like, "that's my sister! that's my sister! she's an adult! I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry" but she just kept yelling and yelling and Tyson said, "look how you're acting in front of your children, you're no better," or something to that effect, and he told her to get back in her car. and then she's screaming, "you picked the wrong person!!", like she was gonna do something to four people who were all bigger than her.

finally she got back in her car and stormed off, driving like a complete moron. I couldn't stop laughing afterward. not because it was funny to me at the time, but because I was freaking scared. but we laughed about it for a little while.

when I got over the shock I realized just how stupid the whole thing was. you don't act like that in front of your children even if somebody did flip you off. it teaches them to scream at people too, and to act rashly out of anger. the children can't be scarred or offended by a raised middle finger if they don't know what the hell it means. if your kids ask you what that means, you tell them that it means the person was angry. you don't have to tell them that it means "fuck you." then you explain to your children that it's a very bad idea to do that to someone.

in fact, if they were hurt by anything that night, it was probably the way their mother was screaming at people. if I were five years old, and my mom was screaming at somebody like that, I know I would have been scared. I would also have been terrified if my mother were driving like a maniac. I hope this woman realizes this. what if in her anger she got into a wreck and hurt her children? over a stupid gesture? people just don't think about these things.

anyway, I think that's enough for now.

OKay, first off, my sister needs to learn that that is not something you do. You can joke about it, but in this day and age actually doing it can get you killed. Secondly, this women was having a bad day before she came blazing at 40mph into the CVS.

Bad Parenting. She managed to show her children that day that speeding, driving badly, taking your mistakes out on others (the original look of hate she gave me as she jumped the curb), and forcing morality on others and road rage are a good example (the pulling up and screaming at a car full of college age kids about someone flipping her off).

I'm not saying it was right for my sister to flip her off, on the contrary. I think it was stupid. Very Stupid. And I did repremand my sister on it. Explaining the lady might have been a psycho with a gun, etc.. But thankfully she was just a pissed off soccar mom that felt she was more moral than everyone else, and had the right to tell someoen so, rather than just telling her child that my sisters expression was an expression of anger or displeasure with what just happened.

For the record lady. I hope your eyes are opened up and you realise how foolish you looked. I hope you realize your rage will be the main thing your children remember of that night.

Despite it all, Christ be with you.

And to the her and the rest of you, Best wishes and 013.


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