Friday, November 12, 2004

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Again, as stated in the title, the following is a comment to this link =->
But was so long that I felt it'd be a bit spammish if I submitted it there. Though I will if it is requested by the holders of the blog.

I want to know this...When did Parents stop being Parents?!!. When did Parents decide they would tell the school what to do, and not their own child?

Lazyness, Stress and other scapegoats I imagine would be their defense... others would simply say that it is the school's job. HA! Education is not the same as Raising a child. It is not a subtitute for Parental involvement in a child's life. And is that not what we see happening with this type of sensorship?..Parents not investing time in their children to explain how the world is. And prehaps, a number of us, can put some blame on their parents and on a time when the the so called Church Goers had control of government and got lazy. (sarcastic tone) BY ALL MEANS, LET'S THROW THE UNPREPARED INTO THE FREY! Let's issue out a toothpicks for the purpose of killing a bear with. (/sarcastic tone)

In the 50's, as Micah's next post puts it. It wasn't just the Money, it was a time when a group in this country thought it wise to establish certain standards in broadcasting, standards in law, standards in Public. Yes, it was the laziness of so-called Christians forcing their views upon the public. We can't express love adequetly, so we'll mandate standards. And as this was all that was seen by a generation of school children. This was the example they were given, an establishment saying "Don't say this.... You can't do that... Do it and I'll spank you!"

And it comes as no surprise to me that so many have the views of God that they have based on this. They were taught that way, and never shown the true nature of what Christianity meant. Is it any wonder why so many go to church week after week without ever meeting with God? He's a Parental figure. Unquestionable, Unfathomable, their minds. All lies founded in this way of thinking, this method of censorship. Because Goodness knows Daddy was too much a man to give me a hug. I thank God my parents were not this way, and truely feel that I am blessed in that. And I feel that anyone that didn't have parents that were involved in the lives of their children in the way mine were, were truely robbed of what should have been there. My heart goes out to you! It really does!

If someone is going to enforce standards, let it first be in their home, and in a clearer and more defined way than just forbidding a child from reading "Song of Songs" and "Flowers for Algernon". Forbidding in education does little more than add to the already difficent preperations of real life that a generation of children today are getting from public education. By all means, expose children to aspects of harsh reality as they grow up. Because what is growing up if not the process of learning how to survive in a harsh world? And What are limits without love and an understanding as to why they are there?

Then again, maybe I'm a bigot, a bastard, a zealot, or prehaps worse, or just plain wrong...
Best Wishes and 013.


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