Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ill, and lazy posting as a result.

Been a bit ill this weekend, and ill today.

But for those of you who absolutly hated the negative Carson vs Coburn adds we saw the election this year (for those of you not in Oklahoma, this was a particularly nasty and vexing campaign), I found this spoof. I enjoyed it. Made me smile despite my unhappy stomach and head.

Enjoy. Best Wishes and 013.
Hopefully a better post tomorrow when I can think to string together an arguement.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

New Births, Flipping a lady off, and probably the worst night I've had in some time.

To set the scene, let me say this. We were on the way to See Barrett and Ashley's new child. We were late, and I just wanted the lady to go away. And yes, I jokingly said it. The following excerpt came from Net's livejournal (http://www.livejournal.com/~shiroihikari/)

ShiroiHikari ([info]shiroihikari) wrote,
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big entry.
I haven't written anything decent in here for a while, so here we go. (if I don't get too distracted.)

the weather finally cleared up today...it's been rainy, dark, and miserable for almost two weeks. that kinda thing really gets me down. for someone that supposedly hates the sun so much, I tend to miss it when it's blocked out by clouds for extended periods of time. besides...it's really the heat I hate, not the light. a cool clear day like this one is the kind of thing I like. I get some nice sunlight without the scorching heat.

I never really thought of it this way before (yes, I'm slow...), but it's sort of like...even when it's all dark and cloudy and rainy, the sun is still up there in the sky. it's easy to forget that temporarily. it's kinda the same way with God. even when life sucks and everything seems so bleak, He's still above everything. He's still there waiting. which is also very easy to forget.


okay, Barrett's first baby girl was born yesterday morning. so yesterday evening Brad, his sister Taylor, her boyfriend Tyson and I all went up to Baptist Medical to visit Barrett, Ashley, and little Addison. but before we left Norman we had to go to Eckerd (which is now CVS...vatever) to get Brad's prescriptions.

since Brad got into a little wreck last week, we're driving his mom's Mercedes SUV thingy. we're pulling into a parking spot, and Taylor says "why don't you just go through the drive-thru since it's faster?" so Brad's backing out, but there's this guy walking behind the car so he hesitates. since we were all trying to watch out for the random walking guy, we didn't see this woman come into the parking lot going like 40mph. she tried to pull into the space next to us as Brad was backing out, and since we didn't see her coming Brad slammed the brakes to keep from hitting her, and she jumped the curb something fierce. like, two of her wheels were up on the curb next to the parking spot.

thankfully we didn't hit her, but we were all freaked out since she came out of NOWHERE. so Brad jokingly says "I should flip her off..." then Taylor's like "I'll do it!" and...she did. rolled down the window and everything. Brad was like "O.O afasdf" and Tyson and I were kinda like ".....oh well." but the look on this lady's face was the scariest thing I have ever seen. like, I think a small part of me died when I saw it. >_>;

so, thinking it was over, we pulled around to the drive-thru thing and got in line. a minute later I glance into the mirror on my side and I see this pair of headlights approaching fast. I thought "ahh, fuck."

sure enough, it was this lady. we're all like "what the hell?!" she stopped next to us. as soon as I saw her stop I turned away to look at Brad so I wouldn't have to look at her. she got out of the car, came over to MY WINDOW and banged on it so hard I thought it was going to shatter. of course Brad didn't roll it down, but she started screaming. she started going off about how we were horrible people for flipping her off with her five and six year olds in the car, and how was she supposed to explain to them what it meant, and yelling at Brad that he should keep his kid under control. hahaha, she thought Taylor was his kid (I guess it was too dark for her to see in the car...) and he was like, "that's my sister! that's my sister! she's an adult! I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry" but she just kept yelling and yelling and Tyson said, "look how you're acting in front of your children, you're no better," or something to that effect, and he told her to get back in her car. and then she's screaming, "you picked the wrong person!!", like she was gonna do something to four people who were all bigger than her.

finally she got back in her car and stormed off, driving like a complete moron. I couldn't stop laughing afterward. not because it was funny to me at the time, but because I was freaking scared. but we laughed about it for a little while.

when I got over the shock I realized just how stupid the whole thing was. you don't act like that in front of your children even if somebody did flip you off. it teaches them to scream at people too, and to act rashly out of anger. the children can't be scarred or offended by a raised middle finger if they don't know what the hell it means. if your kids ask you what that means, you tell them that it means the person was angry. you don't have to tell them that it means "fuck you." then you explain to your children that it's a very bad idea to do that to someone.

in fact, if they were hurt by anything that night, it was probably the way their mother was screaming at people. if I were five years old, and my mom was screaming at somebody like that, I know I would have been scared. I would also have been terrified if my mother were driving like a maniac. I hope this woman realizes this. what if in her anger she got into a wreck and hurt her children? over a stupid gesture? people just don't think about these things.

anyway, I think that's enough for now.

OKay, first off, my sister needs to learn that that is not something you do. You can joke about it, but in this day and age actually doing it can get you killed. Secondly, this women was having a bad day before she came blazing at 40mph into the CVS.

Bad Parenting. She managed to show her children that day that speeding, driving badly, taking your mistakes out on others (the original look of hate she gave me as she jumped the curb), and forcing morality on others and road rage are a good example (the pulling up and screaming at a car full of college age kids about someone flipping her off).

I'm not saying it was right for my sister to flip her off, on the contrary. I think it was stupid. Very Stupid. And I did repremand my sister on it. Explaining the lady might have been a psycho with a gun, etc.. But thankfully she was just a pissed off soccar mom that felt she was more moral than everyone else, and had the right to tell someoen so, rather than just telling her child that my sisters expression was an expression of anger or displeasure with what just happened.

For the record lady. I hope your eyes are opened up and you realise how foolish you looked. I hope you realize your rage will be the main thing your children remember of that night.

Despite it all, Christ be with you.

And to the her and the rest of you, Best wishes and 013.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Pho-toe-grafik Evidense awv teh 'Pocolypse.

Congrajilations, Erth. Ben nice knowin' ya.

Who would have thought Starcraft would be a prophetic work, eh?

If you thought he was scarry when he was drinking... You'll really be shaking when he's brandishing the classic red lightsaber of the Sith.

Fearing the fuzz and hard times resulting from Oklahoma Pseudoephedrine Legislation, Billy Bob stashes his product in nondescript- oops.

After losing his job, the programmer of this road sign was sentanced to 3 consecutive 30 year sentances and a 2 billion dollars in fines by the state.

Above is the only known picture of Smoky. Smoky has been credited with the injury or death of 3 persons, 206 dogs, 2 of his fellow felines, 12 mice, and 1 monkey. In recent months Smoky, a known member of Al Qaeda, has moved from being 1226 on the FBI's most wanted list to 226.

Who'd have thunk it, after a recount of Ohio, CNN is pleased to announce President Elect "Optimus"

The above was not news, all photographs are not my work, and were taken from varrious sources (I'd give credit if I recalled where I sampled all of them from). I honestly enjoyed seeing every one of these works, and applaud the artists on their efforts. You have brightened my day. Works were used without permission. If anyone wishes their work to be removed from this blog, please feel free to email me at advocate_drix@yahoo.com and I wil promptly remove it from this posting. Thank You.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Lyrics of Tonight... and many other Nights. (Credit: Caedmon's Call - The Truth)

I've been putting on, and putting off too many people...
And I'm getting old to live
like an injured man, ailments, and unfilled prescriptions,
like the nose on my face.
Like a broken boat, a safety raft, a love for the water.
I just can't decide...
To sink or swim, it's me or them, Should I save myself?..or go back for the others.

Cause maybe there's no gray and I was wrong to tell 'em so.
Then maybe all that I've to do was done a long time ago

There was life before my life.
Was provision before my need?
Was redemption before my sin?
For the sake of the world. I thank the Lord...That the truth's not contingent on me.

Cause I've been dressing up, and dressing down for too many people.
And I'm a little young to live.
Like a troubled boy, a troubled soul, a fish out of water.
We're all just the same!
We're all just as good, and just as bad, and just as distracted...
By the corners of our eyes!
As our fathers were, and theirs before, all those before them!
Still I glance around.

And with the way I stare you'd think I'd seen through a two-by-four.
And with the way I walk you'd think I'd never seen grace before.

There was life before my life.
Was provision before my need.
Was redemption before my sin
For the sake of the world, I thank the Lord...That the truth's not contingent on me.

I've been putting up, putting down, too many things,
That I know nothing about.
but I'm jealous of, holding pride as tight as I can
Like she was my only daughter!

Cause there was life before my life!
There was provision before my need!
There was redemption before my sin!
For the sake of the world, I thank the Lord...That the truth's not contingent on me.

No, the truth's not contingent on me.


Friday, November 12, 2004

Comment to http://mccarty.typepad.com/mccarty_thoughts/2004/11/and_an_example_.html

Again, as stated in the title, the following is a comment to this link =->http://mccarty.typepad.com/mccarty_thoughts/2004/11/and_an_example_.html
But was so long that I felt it'd be a bit spammish if I submitted it there. Though I will if it is requested by the holders of the blog.

I want to know this...When did Parents stop being Parents?!!. When did Parents decide they would tell the school what to do, and not their own child?

Lazyness, Stress and other scapegoats I imagine would be their defense... others would simply say that it is the school's job. HA! Education is not the same as Raising a child. It is not a subtitute for Parental involvement in a child's life. And is that not what we see happening with this type of sensorship?..Parents not investing time in their children to explain how the world is. And prehaps, a number of us, can put some blame on their parents and on a time when the the so called Church Goers had control of government and got lazy. (sarcastic tone) BY ALL MEANS, LET'S THROW THE UNPREPARED INTO THE FREY! Let's issue out a toothpicks for the purpose of killing a bear with. (/sarcastic tone)

In the 50's, as Micah's next post puts it. It wasn't just the Money, it was a time when a group in this country thought it wise to establish certain standards in broadcasting, standards in law, standards in Public. Yes, it was the laziness of so-called Christians forcing their views upon the public. We can't express love adequetly, so we'll mandate standards. And as this was all that was seen by a generation of school children. This was the example they were given, an establishment saying "Don't say this.... You can't do that... Do it and I'll spank you!"

And it comes as no surprise to me that so many have the views of God that they have based on this. They were taught that way, and never shown the true nature of what Christianity meant. Is it any wonder why so many go to church week after week without ever meeting with God? He's a Parental figure. Unquestionable, Unfathomable, untouchable...in their minds. All lies founded in this way of thinking, this method of censorship. Because Goodness knows Daddy was too much a man to give me a hug. I thank God my parents were not this way, and truely feel that I am blessed in that. And I feel that anyone that didn't have parents that were involved in the lives of their children in the way mine were, were truely robbed of what should have been there. My heart goes out to you! It really does!

If someone is going to enforce standards, let it first be in their home, and in a clearer and more defined way than just forbidding a child from reading "Song of Songs" and "Flowers for Algernon". Forbidding in education does little more than add to the already difficent preperations of real life that a generation of children today are getting from public education. By all means, expose children to aspects of harsh reality as they grow up. Because what is growing up if not the process of learning how to survive in a harsh world? And What are limits without love and an understanding as to why they are there?

Then again, maybe I'm a bigot, a bastard, a zealot, or prehaps worse, or just plain wrong...
Best Wishes and 013.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So... You're Moving to Canada?

*laughter* I found myself chuckling at the many many times today I have heard the repaeted idea that is expressed in the title of this entry.

Not sure why all the hubub. As I've said elsewhere I wasn't too surprised. As for hthe issues of the state I sometimes refer to as home (Oklahoma) let me give you a breakdown. Every state question passed. Every one. Lottery, Lottery part Duex, Ban Same-Sex marriage, Cigarette tax, Indian Gambling Compact/Hourse raceing venues become full blown casinos...Bah. And I admit, I voted. Drove all the way to Purcell to do so. Didn't get registered in time since I moved to Norman, and a Vote is a vote.

A quick rundown of my votes on these matters, because I have no problem sharing them: Lottery=N, Lottery 2:The revenge=N, Lottery 3:Now he's pissed(Indian Gambling/Races Compact thingy, in truth, as I am poking fun)=y, Cigarette Tax=N(I might explain why I voted this way in a post tomorrow), Ban Same Sex Marriage=Y

The Lottery... well, honestly I just thought it kinda pointless, and not worth doing. I hope I will be proven wrong in the years to come. The Indian Gaming compact I beleive I may have expressed my views on a previous post... if not, expect some comment of my own to follow this posting.

Ban Gay Marriage... Many have called me a bigot over my stance on this one. And honestly, I don't appreciate the label. I haven't, since my conviction (based in James 3), ever intentionally labeled another individual made in God's image with such things. No I grant you I didn;t alwasy see it that way. But I recall the idiom "Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin" and cannot openly be accepting of such a thing. I will accept you. I will not accept the government giving the same benefits that it does to a truely Wed couple, in the biblical sense. The benefits are there for the sake of making the raising of children easier on those taking on the burden to properly do so.

Now I will point out that short of cloning, there is no way that is going to happen between a same sex couple. They cannot conceive of each other. And so, by nature this is an impossibility. I'm not going to type out or copy and paste in Romans 1 or Leviticus to make the case. My point is this. I have a role in my govenrment. I am a member of it. And I will vote as my own standards lead me to. I cannot openly support it. And so I voted how I voted. As for your life, I still wish you the best, but I would like someone to try to prove the above wrong. Find me a way, in nature, for a same sex couple to conceive of their own genetic material, a child, and the only thing I'll have left is Romans 1 and Leviticus to prove it by. Though I think the logic is pretty sound.

If I am a bigot because I am logically sound than prehaps this world should see it's end in short order. Me, I'd rather show you the love shown me. I can do this one by one. I cannot legislate this, for then I would be no better than the Spanish conquerors of old, forcing others into that which should be choosen of their own free will. I would rather convince you, if you will listen.

Still, I rejoice. I rejoice not because of this election. The election is just another of many things that will happen, and will pass. I assure you, Much more is to come. Sufferings and Pain... But also Joy and Blessings.

In any case, Best Wishes and 013