Thursday, October 28, 2004


New this evening, least to my life, is that the OKGG/ELG has split their union (more data, main page, you can't miss it). Good, Bad... well, Good in that the circle of players will be a more tightly knit Group. Bad in that the numbers are going to be a bit limited to around 25 players for the first few months the two LANs are seperate once more. Good in that the price just dropped five dollars, and dinner was added to the mix.

Moreover, I am a gamer. Started int he RTS, moved into the FPS with the release of Tribes™. Seems I'm not a UT fanatic, and forcing my laptop to endure the hardships of rednering it was never designed to handle. Oh well. It runs smooth enough for me to get a frag in here and there.

Speaking of UT2K4 (Unreal Tournament 2004). Anyone playing, please feel free to check out the Thursday Night fights Hosted by Their server is smooth, and a lot of the OKGG peeps play on it. Either case, we have a lot of fun. So leaving an invite open to anyone wanting to.

Work front. Same ole, same ole. More Grave stuff this weekend, and hopefully for the last weekend. But I will make it to assembly. I need to get further grounded so I can pool some resources with other similar burdened individuals. My resources alone can only make so much impact.

A few quick prayer requests to those reading. Please pray for my health. I am going to the doc later this month to have blood work done. It will be my secound time in my life to ever have it done. And I'm a good bit concerned. I just wish that you would pray that God's will be done in that situation.

Second, I ask you to pray for my sister. I'm not sure why, just burdened to pray for her tonight. Third, Net, and health as well, here. Nothing so serious on her end, thankfully. Just an item that needs handled.

In any case, my brethren or no, best wishes and 013.
Going to try to sleep now, and will hopefully have something insightful or interesting to say tomorrow.



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