Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stupidity on the part of the Federal Government in a post 9-11 World.

A number of my colleges have posted about the State of the Union speach. I'm not going to give a long synapsis on my thoughts about the speech. Most of my colleages have done a good if not better job than I could.

As I am usually ambigious about my stance on President Bush on this blog, but I will clarify the following. Those whom know me, know full well I voted for Bush in both elections. The first time because he was the best option. The second time because I beleive that his first term proved he was capable of not only doing the job, but doing the job well. He's not going to accomplish everything he sets out to do. No president ever will. But the fact that he's trying on many a hard topic should convince anyone and everyone in the United States to give him some credit for that. I don't always agree with him, or how he goes about things. And I agree with some leftist friends of mine that he's no great "Face" publically. But unlike them I don't think that how you look or carry yourself in front of the media is all that important. I care more that I know he's honestly trying.

Well enough about that, and on with my real beef regarding the State of the union speech, and I will make that equally breif.

How intelligent is it to have all 3 branches of the Federal Government in the same room, at the same time? *chuckles* Yeah, that's smart. Prehaps I've been playing a bit too much Shadowrun™, or prehaps it's a throwback to my evil days to think like the enemy. And while I am very glad no one actually succeeded in using this- uh.... opertunity- (drek... no, that's not a good way of labeling it, but I can't think of another that would fit.) to attack us. I thank God that he is providing for and watching over the events in this human cursed orb. And I thank Him that nothing happened.

To the few politicians that may ever check this, please please please. Do not be this foolish ever again. We do not need both Houses of Congress, The President, The Vise President, The President's entire Cabinet, as well as the entire Supreme Court in the same room at the same time ever!.. EVER!!!

There, I've said my peace.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fact: The United States is NOT Mexico

Let me start out by saying I'm okay with Spanish language channels. We already have 4 of them on regular air TV, and a number of them on the AM and FM band. Plenty in fact. But upon reading that WKY-AM 930, changed their regular programming and began simply being a translator station for yet another Spanish language station, followed by a drive down south Agnew, I steped from my usual, casual self to being lightly vexed.

My main problem with Spanish speaking stations is that I cannot always follow them. I know a bit of Spanish, but am by no means fluent in any way shape or form. And with the growing number of Hispanic Americans I can understand there being a station or 3 being broadcast in Spanish. I can. But here's where the problem starts: These stations need the option of captions in English. If they can carry their business based on people only speaking spanish, fine, they have a right to exsist. But they would benefit a good deal more if they did offer a translation to text for the Majority of persons here, namely English speakers. And frankly, I'd like to learn more Spanish.

Under reasonable circumstnaces, if someone moved from one contry to another, they would at least try to learn the native language. Or at least learn it to a capacity to be able to get around and live their daily lives. If I moved to China, I would learn Mandarin. If I moved to Russia I would learn Russia, and so on and so forth. One is not expected to knwo the language from the minute they mvoe there. But learning it to some level is expected. As I drove Agnew I noticed a trend in the Hispanic American culture of Oklahoma, though I'm sure it happens elsewhere. A trend within the Hispanic American community to be exclusive to only Spanish speakers, a trend that works one of two ways. To either segregate the English speaking populace (a staggering majory by comparison) from being customers in Hispanic owned shops, or an expectation on those whom are established here to learn a language that is, frankly, foreign to them. Parts of OKC are flooded by Spanish signage on businesses, on billboards, etc.. And the fact of the matter is this is the opposite direction that this trend should be moveing in either case.

I know OKC isn't the only city with this trend. But when it's home, well... I tend to care more.

And, again, I'm fine with the signs being in Spanish. but If they are going to be in Spanish, "Panaderia" should read in captoins below it "Bakery" or "Bread Market". And many other examples could be given. And to be honest, their business would do better based on it. Heck, I've bought form a local Panaderia. They have good products made by working individuals. I respect that, and on top of that it's they are usually delicious. And while I can't speak fluent Spanish, thankfully the younger staff (20-midthirty year olds) speak english well that I can deal with them. Which is a step in the right direction.

I, I suspect like most people, respect quality and hard work. Hard work is something people that imigrants, regardless or cultural origins, have always brought to the United States. It's driven us forward and made us the country we are today. And I suspect it will always be such. There is oppertunity here. Now I don't like illegal imigration, and think prehaps legal imigration should be a bit more open with Mexico. Basically so long as we know we aren't being flooded with individuals that have committed violent crime or intend to do so once here. Goodness knows we have plenty of space and resources. And I can't think of another place that would be better to live. Mind you this isn't a racist jab, but given the standard wages a Mexican worker can expect in Mexico, I can understand wanting to cross the border to here and work hard labor as opposed to working the same job in Mexico for less than half the same wage. A man should get paid a honest/reasonable wage for the services rendered. period. It's a right. One worth fighting for.

Back to the subject. If charitable funding should be poored into anything imigrant related it's in English learning programs. Not that I shouldn't learn Spanish. I want to learn more, and I mean that. But that desire should be even greater for those whom have made Estados Unidos their home to learn English. It's been proven that the melting pot culture mixing system we've been using since the establishment of our nation works. The isolation of Spanish Speaking businesses and Regions where only Spanish is used to communicate only hampers one's ability to make money, and more importantly sets up walls between different cultures in our society. We're Americans. We need to act like it, and be accepting of each others differences rather than setting up barriers between one another.

Has anyone else ever noticed how many different languages we see on the products we buy? Why is that? So that the product can be bought, used, and accepted by a wide and multi-cultural group of consumers. It expands the customer-base, and there-by sales, and there-by profits, and thereby prosperity. A real simple concept. Though, some get offended by it. I say embrace it. Especially here, in the United States, it makes sense to ease the transition of imigrants to life here. Just as it does to added 8 different languages to packaging so it can be received by a wider customer base. And so such tactics have multiple benefits. What I'm proposing is simply that it work more than one direction. I'd like it to be easier for me to communicate with you, just as much as you want your product to sell.

Of course there are more reasons for it. But the most easily persuasive is coin. Making ends meet. I could bark on all day about the benefits to other things. It makes sense to expand your customer base. It makes sense to offer quality goods and services to those whom want them. And sticking to only-Spanish does nothing but limit the possibilities.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A small example of justice from teh news.

No real comments, apart from a mild chuckle at the irony.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Practicality: The father of invention

Better living through Science: In the very near future, we may not need to be violent tward persons whom damage the paint on our vehicles.

Still reviewing the news. I'll let you know if I see naything else that catches my eye.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Proof you should avoid it like the plague: MS Internet Explorer

A blog I have been following lately drew my attention to this study (use link, yafoo! ;)) from back in august.

"MSIE was 98% unsafe. There were only 7 days in 2004 without an unpatched publicly disclosed security hole." --Bruce Schneier

Seems Firefox/Mozilla are about the best thing rolling according to the study, and while they are not 100% safe, what is?

My biggest concern is about MSIE, is, and always has been, the sheer level of itigration is has with the Operating system itself. This is MS's curse when it comes to their OS developement. Just about everything can be done from MSIE/explorer. Don't beleive me? Open Windows Explorer and type in a URL. They're practically the same program, and both equally reach into the nethers of your files. I won't deny that it's true that one can browse system files with Firefox as well, but one cannot launch programs from there, and that is a big difference when it comes to access within a machine and to other machines.

Honestly, I don't know if file browsing should be able to be done from a web-browser. Others would argue that there really is little difference between surfing the web and serfing a local machine. And on some level I guess they are right. Still, avoid the MSIE, and the study just confirms what I've known for some time: namely you'll encounter less problem running a browser other than IE as your primary web browser.

In closing, I will state in Microsoft's defense that Mozilla, Opera and the like see less use in general, and that M$ is the big target because they, frankly, are Microsoft. No points off for effort M$, just afraid you're the biggest target on the radar. Hackers love to hate you. Though, as a result avoidance of Microsoft Internet Explorer is a good move for most casual or not so casual PC users.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

"Can't Stop the Signal, Mal"

Just wheny ou thought it was safe to ship via snail-mail/UPS or FedEx as oppossed to the complete openly hackable-ness of an SMTP server I present you the following E-Hijacking

That's right kids. Hope I upped your paranoia or gave you some naughty ideas for next year.

Just remember: o/~ Oh, Santa's coming and he's gonna kick your Ass, He's gonna. Kick your Ass, He's gonna, Kick your Ass. o/~

Personal truths for today.

I normally do not post the results of any of the quizes I take, but I think this one hit the nail on the head:

ColorQuiz.comDrix took the free personality test!

"Seeks the determination and elasticity of will nec..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

No shining diamond, but I NEED and artistic outlet. Badly! I feel like my talents are dying here. For now I have to fill the role of sole provider, but honestly, It's getting old. I need more time to clear my head, more time to spend with The Lord, and less stress from work. Feels like I'm burning the candle at both ends. Always so much to do.

Goahed's wanting me to re-do his logo in 3D. No real creativity, but I guess it'll do for now. Needing some downtime. Needing to stop the 4 hours nights of rest. Lately I'm always mad, I rarely feel like I;ve accomplished anything, which, more and more makes me want to just walk away from most of the things in my Life.

I love God, Annette, and my family. And that's as solid as I can be right now. After the Christmas stuffs tomorrow I'm sleeping through Monday. Period. And prehaps that will be a good first step toward making my life better. I ask what brethren I have to please please please keep me in their prayers. I just feel like I am wasting away. But then my perspective is limited.

Sorry for a down Note on Christmas. And I really do wish you all a Merry one. Meantime. Enjoy the Ham and other goodness tomorrow.

Best Wishes and 013.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

America... F@#$ YEAH!

All I have to say is that I should have thought of this.